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Tested in practice, proven in livestock farming! Contemporary housing equipment with quality and function in detail.

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whatever your project – large or small – with DSBT products you are on the safe side! Because our housing solutions for sows, piglets and fattening pigs and our technical installation parts for farm animal husbandry are developed in practice and offer optimal support in daily work.

The requirements in animal husbandry place new demands on all livestock farmers. It must be controlled daily. The requirements of law and initiatives to improve animal husbandry pose high labor and technical challenges.

Today, abuses are unequivocally punished and animal keepers are directly confronted. Therefore, it is essential today to choose a functional and appropriate housing form, which supports you as an animal owner optimally and saves time and costs.


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Product features that convince:

Intelligent solutions

Less is more – Intelligent and qualitative solutions save time and money

DSBT independently develops and designs systems for livestock farming. High stability and static load capacity guarantee long-lasting and functioning components.

This is what the farm needs to carry out daily work in the long term without defective or non-functioning assemblies and constantly recurring service work.

Adapting the systems to today’s type of housing poses major investments and challenges.

Movement pen for farrowing houses
Piglet nest with heat conduction for optimal microclimate and heat conduction of the piglets away from the movement area.
Breeding centre, holding pens and arenas
Raw fibre supplementary feeding with transport solutions for straw and raw fibre
Bedding and manure removal systems


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